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Friends To The End of Time

Photo of my brother, Dave Smith

Friends To The End of Time

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the time has come for us to part
and go our separate ways
the sadness that is in my heart
echoes thru these days
oh the memories that we have shared
the laughter and the tears
those moments when you showed you cared
and silenced all our fears

friends to the end of time
until the end of time
until the end of time

we've grown so close in this short while
once strangers now best friends
from day to day your joyous smile
shows love that never ends


as we walk down this road of life
there is one thing we must do
thru each and every pain and strife
let jesus strengthen you

on earth we may not meet again
but please don't say goodbye
let's say until we meet again
together you and i


when the lights get turned out
when the stars are burned out
when the earth turns into a stone
floating out there alone

when the darkness gathers
love is all that matters
when you've had enough
you've just begun


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lyrics based on a poem presented by sylvia govaz to nena c. smith.  music and additional lyrics by douglas brent smith.
sylvia, a friend, was killed by a drunk driver.
i humbly dedicate this song to all those dear friends and family who have left this life too soon.

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